The SWCCC has a long history of producing national champions! Will your name join the list one day?

SWCCC Past National Champions
(please note: this is based on current SWCCC teams only; several of these teams may have raced and/or won their National Championships as part of the Rocky Mountain Collegiate Cycling Conference, prior to redrawing the conference boundaries).
2019 Road    Div 1    Women    Road race and Omnium, Cara O'Neill, Univ. of Arizona
2018 CX       Div 1    Team        Cyclocross Relay, University of Arizona (Grayson Hughes, Tim Maley, Cara O'Neill) *note: CX nats were held twice in 2018
2018 Road    Div 1    Team        Team Time Trial, Univ. of Arizona (Kat Salthouse, Shelby Hoglund, Chloe Welch, Cara O'Neill)
2018  CX       Div 1    Team        Cyclocross Relay, Univ. of Arizona (Cameron Beard, Chloe Welch, Cara O'Neill, David Greif)
2017 Road    Div 1    Women   Road race,  Erica Clevenger, Univ. of Arizona
2013  BMX    Div 2 Women      BMX Dominique Daniels, Grand Canyon University
2012  BMX    Div 2 Women      BMX Dominique Daniels, Grand Canyon University
2009   MTB    Div 1 Women     XC    Chloe Forsman, Univ. of Arizona
2007  MTB     Div 1 Women      Omnium & XC   Chloe Forsman, UA
2006 MTB      Div 1 Women   XC & ST   Chloe Forsman, UA
2004 MTB      Div 2 Women  XC   Nina Baum, University of New Mexico
2004 Road     Div 2 Women  RR   Merrill Sapp, New Mexico State University
2001 Road     Div 1  Women  RR  Carolyn Donnelly, UNM
1997  Road     Div 1  Men's   TTT   University of New Mexico
1996  Road     Div 1  Men's   TTT   University of Arizona
1994  Road     Div 1  Men's   TTT   University of New Mexico
1993  Road               Women  Omnium, RR & Criterium     Janelle Parks, UNM
1992  Road               Women RR   Shoshana Shane, Northern Arizona University
1991  Road               Men      Omnium & RR    Doug Loveday, Arizona State University
                                 Women  Criterium      Shoshana Shane, NAU
1989 Road               Men       RR     David Anthes, ASU

(collegiate racing started in 1985)

SWCCC Members of the Collegiate All-American Teams   (not currently awarded)
1990    Road  Women   Brooke Blackwelder, NAU
1991    Road   Men       Doug Loveday, ASU
                       Women  Shoshana Shane, NAU
1993    Road  Women  Janelle Parks, UNM
1994    MTB   Women  Sarah Vogel, UNM
                                     Christine Wilke, NAU
1995    MTB   Women  Sarah Vogel, UNM
                                     Christine Wilke, NAU
1996    Road  Men       Justin Peschka, UA
1997    MTB   Women   Dorea Henderson, NAU
1998    MTB   Women  Candice Blickem, UNM
1999    MTB    Men       Pete Probus, NAU
2001    Road   Women  Carolyn Donnelly, UNM
2002    Road   Women  Carolyn Donnelly, UNM
            MTB    Women  Jennifer Sica, NAU
2004    Road   Women  Merrill Sapp, NMSU
2019    Road   Women  Cara O'Neill, UA (Collegiate All-Stars Colorado Classic)